Welcome to the San Diego Chapter of the Perl Mongers

Our group was formed in early 1999 and meet once a month to discuss our interest in, and uses of, the Perl programming language.


San Diego Perl Mongers Meetup

Meetings generally start with brief introductions. These introductions often spawn discussions on a wide range of subjects (mostly Perl, but really they can be about anything—databases, wi-fi, spam, GPS, etc.).

The main objective of our group is simply to get Perl people together and talk shop. If you are a Perl person—newbie, beginner, advanced, expert, guru, etc.—we would love for you to join us!

Past Meetings

If you couldn't make it to the last meeting, or just can't remember what we talked about, you're in luck. A meeting recap for Thursday, 15 April 2010 is conveniently available in the list archives. It's even as close as your terminal:

lynx -dump -nolist \
    http://mail.pm.org/pipermail/san-diego-pm/2010-April/002140.html \
    | pod2text | less

Recaps of past meetings are also sometimes available.

Past Presentations

Mailing List

To join in on our mailing list discussions, send a e-mail to san-diego-pm-request@pm.org with subscribe san-diego-pm in the message body. A web interface is also available at http://mail.pm.org/mailman/listinfo/san-diego-pm.

List Archives

To see the collection of prior postings to the list, visit the SanDiego.pm List Archives.


Come chat with us on IRC. Some of us hang out in the #SanDiego.pm channel on the freenode network (chat.freenode.net).